Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Montessori School in Portsmouth VA: More Than a Preschool

A Montessori school in Portsmouth, Virginia can offer your son or daughter more educational preparation than a traditional preschool. Not only will your child receive exceptional care and nurturing, but the additional components added to this type of institution’s curriculum can boost a pre-kindergarten student’s aptitude for learning basic skills and enhance concentration, coordination and the ability to work independently. With focused, fun learning activities, your child will be exposed to the building blocks for a well-rounded education.

What to Expect: Curriculum
Teaching techniques may vary between preschools, but any Montessori school should be offering extended programs that stimulate creativity, imagination and curiosity while introducing mathematics, science and language arts. Institutions that have initiated this particular style of teaching are well trained in how to blend math-readiness techniques with age appropriate, stimulating activities to better prepare children for the transition to kindergarten and beyond.

While your child will not be solving complex mathematical equations or conducting radical chemistry experiments, your son or daughter will have more exposure to numbers, educational principles and scientific methods that will serve them later in their schooling. By employing the “discovery”, or constructivist model of learning, a Montessori school allows their charges to explore different concepts with guidance and explanations, not step-by-step instructions. In theory, learning becomes a personal exploration in more concrete terms for better absorption and retention of information.

Early Preparation
Giving a child the opportunity to prepare for kindergarten with a Montessori school’s nurturing environment provides kids with a solid foundation for learning. The programs your son or daughter attends in these educational facilities are interactive and fun to inspire a life-long love of learning. By tapping into a child’s inquisitive nature and providing gentle guidance with age-appropriate activities, your son or daughter can explore basic concepts that will apply beyond their preschool years at his or her own pace without external pressures.

Before enrolling your child in any facility, you should request a meeting with key staff members and observe the classrooms. Not only will you get a sense of how the instructors apply the curriculum, but you will also get to see how other children respond to the activities.

A Montessori School and Its Menu
Nutrition is critical during your child’s formative years, so ensuring that the preschool you are considering offers optimal dietary selections should be a critical point. The menu should be balanced with multiple, healthy choices. While evaluating the facility and its programs, make sure to ask to see the kitchen and discuss what foods your child would be offered. Furthermore, if your child has any dietary restrictions or food allergies, asking what preventative measures are taken to ensure that your child gets fed appropriately should be part of your inquiries.

For more information about finding a quality Montessori school in Portsmouth VA, please click on the provided link to review one of the leading local facilities. You can also call (757) 484-7229 to schedule an interview with this preschool.

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